BUYER AGENT vs LISTING AGENT – What you need to know

People think that by working with the listing agent, they’re getting the best deal possible, but that isn’t always the case. Did you know that there’s a difference between a buyer agent and a listing agent? Buyer agents work for YOU, not the seller, to get the best deal possible, and their services are completely FREE Here are some facts you need to consider:

  • A LISTING Agent has a legal obligation (fiduciary duty) to look after the best interests of the SELLER first and foremost•A Listing Agent has a vested interest in the sale of the property; they pay for signage, vehicle gas, advertising, etc., so getting a property sold, not just listed, is paramount
  • A BUYER agent has a legal obligation to look after the best interests of the BUYER
  • There is no fee payable to the Buyer Agent; the commission payable on the deal is split between the two agents•A Buyer Agent arranges showings of suitable properties, does a comparative analysis of properties before presenting an Offer to Purchase, and advises the buyer regarding reasonable pricing•A Buyer Agent can provide good, qualified referrals to home inspectors, legal, and financial professionals to help ensure the transaction is completed


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